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Agility and Virtual Teamwork
10:00 July 12, 2020 to 13:30 July 14, 2020
Virtual Program

Virtual teams refer to a group of individuals who are separated by physical distance but are united to achieve a common pre-defined goal for the team & organizational success.
An Agile Mindset is the most predominant solution to the problem of dealing with unpredictable, dynamic and constantly changing environments; the new skill set for a changing world of work. Agile team members are those who do not resist the digitized workspace and have continuous tendency to upgrade their skill set to deliver positive outcomes.
It is said that virtual distributed teams have a terrible reputation. They don’t deliver ‘on time’ and too often, they don’t deliver what the customer needs.” What do you believe?
Most teams are currently experiencing remote work, which seems rather a new experience to many of us, due to the currently faced global dilemma of Covid19-, but worth to say, it was practiced by many, even before.
Create your successful agile team and leave the chaos behind. Unveil the right practices and acquire the competencies demanded to equip your team and support its success in this globally digitized workplace. Learn how to be collaborative, communicative, agile and effective team member within the virtual business world to achieve success, gain confidence and trust and help your organization be on top.

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