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Zigzag Land® – The Land of Creativity and Innovation
10:00 February 16, 2021 to 13:30 February 18, 2021
Virtual Program

“Invention, Talent, Innovation, Creativity” – In this era of new technologies, these words provide a vehicle of success for many of today’s leading companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. People who think of themselves as non creative types are often surprised to learn that there really is a process to creative thinking. When we’re engaged in the act of being creative, we feel we are performing at the peak of our abilities. Creativity & Innovation enriches your life and provides you with a most important competitive advantage.
Stephen Covey stated that “Creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people’s lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and spirit of adventure.”
Join us in our journey in Zigzag land to explore the essence of creativity and innovation, discover its needed competencies, gain hands-on experience through applying a range of tools & techniques that help you nurture your creativity, enhance your innovative ability and strive for uniqueness and distinctiveness in your workplace.
Throughout the workshop, teams will be presenting their work and voting on each other’s projects. This is your opportunity to create the difference that you are aspiring for!

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