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The Compass® – Strategic Management Toolkit
10:00 June 1, 2021 to 13:30 June 3, 2021
Virtual Program

Strategic management is a process of making and implementing strategic decisions concerning how to continuously improve organizational performance and impact in an ever-changing environment. A coherent strategy provides an organization with clear direction as a basis for important ongoing decision-making concerning the use of available resources.
Strategic planning helps an organization to formulate its strategy for how best to achieve its aims and the steps necessary to get there. Hence, modern businesses are exposed to and operate within a prevailing business environment, both external as well as within the Industry/corporate structure. Strategic management prepares you to evaluate both external and micro-level challenges, and to deal with these challenges on a long-term basis.
Exploring the different elements of the Strategic Management Process; performing environmental scanning, defining competitive advantages, formulating strategies, and defining the necessary changes for strategy implementation is a key factor for successful leadership.
This workshop focuses on the strategic management and its importance to the success of an organization. It provides you with core knowledge, practical skills and tools to encourage strategic management and to prepare you to undertake strategic planning in your organization. Emphasis is placed on “action learning” and the course features presentations, structured learning experiences, facilitated discussions, individual and group activities.

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