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The Code 8.0® – The cutting-edge coaching pattern
10:00 June 15, 2021 to 13:30 June 17, 2021
Virtual Program

Two crucial realities in business today: Get results and Keep your result-getters!
This is becoming increasingly difficult as globalization, technology and demographic changes bombard today’s managers. Adding to this, the increased roles and responsibilities placed on managers’ shoulders; hence, chaos erupts! First, managers were hired to manage, thus, take care of the business. Then, managers were called upon to act as leaders, thus, provide vision and mission.
Now, they must recruit and train, inspire and motivate, correct and empower. How could managers handle all this effectively? Simply, the only answer is to learn to be good coaches.
As a 21st. century manager, you are continuously challenged to shift how you, as a leader, manage your most important resource: your people.
Henry Kissinger once said, “Leaders take their staff from where they are to where they’ve never been before.” That’s where coaches drive you; take a diversely proficient group of people, nurture and grow their skills, keep them satisfied and motivated, and, most importantly, in this competitive environment, retain their talent.

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