The Cave® – Your Destination to Happiness & Positivity
10:00 August 25, 2020 to 13:30 August 27, 2020
Virtual Program

This program is designed based on the book (The Cave) where we narrate the story of Hilal, a high tech senior manager who got engaged with the happiness organization “The Cave”, through his journey with the Cave’s consultants he went through a wide range of strategies and life application that moved him into a positive and happy place where he established a solid attitude towards positivity and happiness in his life. Hilal went through a series of consultations starting with Life Balance and ending with self-actualization, The consultants of the cave focused on coaching Hilal to apply their strategies in a feasible practical manner and at the end they reached with Hilal the conclusion that happiness is a self-decision and not based on the outside world or surrounding circumstances.

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