Starting the Startup® – Cairo
09:00 March 10, 2020 to 16:00 March 12, 2020

Starting the startup program, could have a major impact on your career. It is designed as a road map to assist you plan a course for your own business ownership journey. We guide you through the best route to take, support you to avoid the potholes, road closures and navigate the curves and detours.

The program prepares you for every step of the way. You wouldn’t go for an adventure without the proper gear. The program is associated with a business book “Starting the Start-up”, combined is considered a major component of your gear kit. Refer to it at every milestone, starting with how to get a business idea to finally opening the doors to your new venture. The book journey is an amazing dramatic dialogue between an experienced entrepreneur and a junior one, where they move on hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder to the wide space of entrepreneurship.


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