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Bbusinesss: the region’s leading learning and development solutions provider.

Leadership Inside Out®
10:00 March 16, 2021 to 13:30 March 18, 2021
Virtual Program

Bbusinesss has seen the impact of strong leadership on teams and organizations as a whole, through delivering numerous leadership programs to a long list of corporate entities and government organizations in the MENA region. It has developed the 4S Leadership Model, from the workplace best practices experienced, that renew leadership skills, which is a priority for businesses to adapt themselves to today’s rapidly evolving and dynamic business environment.
With a set of comic characters visually representing the daily challenges that face leaders, Leadership Inside Out develops a broader perspective on leadership capabilities. The workshop uses a list of assessments and tools that turn leaders’ mindsets towards opportunities with agile thinking strategies. Moreover, it focuses on their personal strengths’ development, stakeholder’s management and building risk culture within the organization.
This program guides leaders through simulating different situations they face with their teams, with the goal of getting the best out of them in changing situations. It effectively inspires the team to successfully achieve the company objectives.
In a -2day face to face training (or 9 hrs. online) intensive practical and experiential leadership program, the leaders attending are tasked with developing an action plan that is to be implemented immediately with progress review to ensure that the information learned is well utilized and the skills acquired is practiced. In short, Leadership Inside Out is a comprehensive program that boost leadership skills through a practical journey sharpening strategic leadership effectiveness, leading to instilling a healthy working practice in the organization.

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