The Code 8.0 – The Cutting Edge Coaching + The Cave
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The Code 8.0 - The Cutting Edge Coaching + The Cave


The Code 8.0 - The Cutting Edge Coaching Pattern: Coaching is not a profession that is kept for someone in a specific, rather an important method of operating for people who are trying to get the best out of their folks. It is a main skill which will assist you to improve and enhance others. While the idea of coaching is relatively fresh in business organizations, coaching has been around for a long time in sports. Regardless what field the coaches are functioning in, their part is to deliver feedback about performance and aid others to plan their career and personal expansion, in order to improve and to be the best they can be while realizing the organizational objectives. To be a good coach, you don’t have to be skillful at a specific occupation or arena, but you do need both the will and the skill to support other people to achieve more, develop and realize business results. Improving people is about assisting individuals in learning and developing themselves, enhancing their skills and upgrading their performance. In other words, it is fundamentally about capitalizing the interest and energy needed to build a climate in which folks feel that it is safe to develop and in which they can recognize new potentials for personal development and better achievement at work. In the day to day businesses-life or in any other cooperation, coaching is basically focusing on helping folks to identify their growth areas, learn to develop themselves and achieve their desired goals to get results. The process involves helping the person to develop skills or competencies on the job, undertake informal or formal training sessions or even take on higher education.   The Cave: Happiness at the workplace is a crucial success factor that all employers seek to implement in organizations, and based on modern theories success of employees at the workplace is directly proportional to their happi- ness, and now it is totally understandable that the greatest competitive advantage in modern business is a happy, positive and engaged workforce The happiness matter is related closely to positive emotions which comes from the right state of mind that focuses on positivity, which in turn fuels workers with the right focus and positive energy and transfers them eventually into being engaged employees, who work with passion and feel a great deal of belonging and ownership, they drive innovation and move the organi- zation forward.

Key Module

The Code 8.0 – The Cutting Edge Coaching Pattern:

  •  Personal and Business Profiling Assessment©®
    – Exploring logical vs. emotional behavior
    – Introduction to the Self-Assessment Tool
    – Recognizing the four behavior types
    – Recognizing how personal priorities influence behaviors
    – Using a mixed behavior types
    – Obtaining and building massive rapport with your people
  • The Coaching Competency set©®
    – Empathizing Ability
    – Listening
    – Capacity to Confront & Challenge
    – Problem-Solving
    – Feedback-Giving
    – Capacity to Empower
    – Mentoring Skills
  • The Coaching Comic Book Analysis
    – Competency & Style Assessment
  • The interpretation, impact, and action plan
  • The Application©®
    – Getting the Job Done: Business as Usual
    – The pressures and attitudes that can drive
    – Managers to instruct rather than coach
    – The potential costs and benefits
    – Instructing vs. coaching
    – The critical competencies of a coach in place
  • The Skillful Coach and Group Work
  • A Coaching Approach
  • Developing the Learning


The Cave:

State of Mind

  • Responsibility of applying a change
  • Distinguish the difference between circle of influence and circle of concern

Positive Psychology

  • What is positive psychology
  • History Background
Main Differences between psychology and positive psychology

Happiness concept

  • Traditional theories Authentic happiness
  • Pleasant life Good life Meaningful life

Life Balance

  • Wheel of life
Exploring essential life elements
  • Awareness of existing life habits
  • Establishing action plan towards balance


  • Ben Shahar’s happiness model
Importance of emotional awareness
Realizing the impact of emotional regulation
  • Establishing an action plan that helps in the right way of tracking day today emotions
Analyzing emotions and acting accordingly

Emotional Expression

  • The peptide and its effect on the human body Importance of releasing peptides
Successful emotional expressing techniques

Positive mindset

  • PERMA Model Positive Emotions Engagement Relationships Meaning Accomplishment
  • Practicing positive mindset focus techniques
  • Paradigm shift

Human Behavior Justification

  • Relation between basic needs and human behavior
  • Applying the justification techniques on lifetime situations

Self esteem

  • 6 Core values of strengths
  • Importance of self-esteem as a major basic need that affects attitude
  • Tips to improve self-esteem


  • Relation between charity and happiness
Psychological and Physiological Impact of doing good and contributing to community

The Cave “Board game”

  • An interactive board game that simulates happiness strategies with an application approach

Learning Outcome

The Code 8.0 – The Cutting Edge Coaching Pattern:

  • Identify the eight coaching competencies
  • Assess your coaching competencies
  • Increase in value of effective coaching
  • Perform with a fully motivated team
  • Engage and influence team members and increase moral
  • Facilitate better coaching sessions
  • Develop stronger coaching skills by identifying and responding to different human styles
  • Practice and discover your coaching skills


The Cave:

  • Realizing the importance of self-responsibility towards change
Understand different happiness theories (Traditional and modern)
  • Learning different methodologies of achieving happiness and positivity
  • Developing the right attitude that focuses on positive energy and engagement
Apply PERMA Model for achieving authentic happiness and well being
  • Applying suitable work life balance
  • Practice the wheel of life
Identifying signature strengths and core virtues
  • Understanding and justifying human behaviors in depth Increasing self and emotional awareness
  • Applying sophisticated self-regulation techniques


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