Sales Professional Certificate – Simulation-Based
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Sales Professional Certificate - Simulation-Based


Simulations stand for a unity of “Education and Training with Entertainment” – the perfect combination of topic relevant contents, an interactive setting for participants and – just simply – fun! The crucial success factor for sustainable learning is the replica of company and your individual business reality. The main idea is to integrates corporate reality and philosophy to reach business goals.   Bbusinesss with its strategic partners “SIMDUSTRY®” are presenting a simulation-based Sales solution for corporate sales (B2C & B2B). We accompany our sales solution with board simulations as a highly effective learning tool as to serve organizational comprehensive changes and development. We appreciate board simulations as a highly effective learning tool for the following reasons:

  • Real time Feedback ⟶ Consequences of decisions and behaviors are experienced directly
  • Visualization of relationships and interactions relevant for success ⟶ Mapping of the complexity and interdependencies of decisions and behaviors
  • Risk-free learning ⟶ “Learning by doing” without economic or personal consequences
  • Reproducing individual business situations ⟶ Illustration of a real business world on the simulation board
  • Team working & interaction ⟶ Networking and experience exchange between the simulation teams and members
  • Learning in competition/ Multiplayer environment ⟶ Having fun in competition with other teams
  SIMSales simulation turns delegates to salespeople in competing companies taking over the task of finding, acquiring and developing customer relations. Each company is competing for the “Highest Score of Commercial Efficiency”. In teams they explore the full process of customer acquisition, negotiation, development and management. What questions can SIMSales answers the following questions:
  • How do I maximize the use of my resources (time, sales support, conditions)?
  • How can I contribute to optimize the turnover, reputation and stability?
What success factors are crucial for boosting sales?

Key Module

  • Introduction to the Main Concepts of the Board Game – Sales Simulation
  • The Keys to B2B Sales
  • Establish a relationship with the client
  • Know what your clients want
  • The Buyers
  • The Solution
  • Exercise Essential Sales Practices:
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Loyalty Building
  • Diverse Situations
  • Sales Objectives and Sales Targets
  • Setting future targets (Selling by Objectives)
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Forecasting built-to-order sales
  • Manage Team Members Approaches to Different Customer Profiles
  • Experience 6 Different Customer Profiles
  • Achieve the 7 Steps Corporate Sales Model:
  • Planning
    • Account Management planning
    • Meeting Objective!
    • Evaluate customer potential
    • Where to invest resources
  • Prospect & Involving
    • How to select potential customers
    • Effective first approaches: how to research and prepare
  • Needs and Opportunity Identification
    • Identifying your customer’s needs and his/her view of competition
    • Evaluating clients’ needs and getting them to think about his future requirements
    • Asking needs and problem-based questions
  • Situation questions
  • Problem questions
  • Implication (Pain) questions
  • Need Payoff (Benefit) questions
    • Buyer motivation and decision-making styles
    • The art of active listening, pacing and leading
  • Presentation
    • Tailor your message to your account – designing a winning proposal
    • Structuring a Presentation
    • Benefits/Vital points/Stats ‎
    • Staying in the mind with a powerful Central Message
    • Practice communication builders
  • Behavioral Styles
    • Ensuring understanding and memorability through structure
    • Convincing the client with psychological argumentation
  • Managing Objections and Negotiation
    • Master Q&A and objections
    • Use information collected in the need phase to defend your offer
    • Handle customers objectives and strategies
    • Essential Negotiation Practices
  • Pre-Negotiation, During Negotiation, Post-Negotiation
  • Developing a “Preparation Checklist”
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Entry & Exit Points
    • The Debate
  • Listening & Questioning
  • Summarizing
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
    • The Proposal
  • Making a Proposal
  • Responding to A Proposal
    • Bargaining
  • Approaches to bargaining problems
  • Arguing is a Mistake… Common but Fatal
  • Checklist for bargaining
    • Negotiation Styles Model
  • Avoiding
  • Accommodating
  • Compromising
  • Competing
  • Collaborating
  • Closing & Solution/Cross selling
    • Mastering closing techniques
    • Closure is the moment to collect “Yes”
    • Having the courage to provoke a no: the benefits of getting a clear response
  • Follow up and Relation Building
    • Stimulate internal and external celebration of customer success stories
    • From Relationship to Partnership
  • Maintain the Comprehension and Application of the 7 Steps Sales Cycle
  • Develop a Beneficial Competitions with Other Teams to Ensure Effective Salesforce Management

Learning Outcome

  • Identify opportunities at every stage in the sales process
  • Identify sales objectives and sales targets
  • Manage and develop sustainable customer relationships
  • Ensure the application of the 7 phases of the sales cycle
  • Grasp the key-success factors for each sales phase and the proper salesforce mindset
  • Develop a pipeline that delivers a consistent flow of orders
  • Have an insight into the key strategic and operational processes
  • Utilize techniques for building the best relationships with Key Accounts
  • Conduct audience analysis to ensure content is relevant while presenting the product
  • Experience dealing with real-life events in the whole sales process
  • Shift the balance of power during negotiations
  • Demonstrate the use of successful concession making
  • Develop own negotiation strategy and action plan for improved negotiation skills
  • Leverage knowledge, information and resources to develop salesforce


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