Preparation for Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification
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Preparation for Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification


"PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc."
Managing projects is one of the most important and essential skills that employees should possess in order to manage and control complex projects in organizations. Based on PMI® statics "One-fifth of the world's GDP, or $12 trillion, is spent on projects." The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Preparation Course is a certified training course that enables participants to apply for the PMP® examination set by the PMI®, as well as leveraging best practices adopted by top-notch organizations in their projects. There are already more than 400,000 PMI® credential holders around the world and they are actively working in every industry, from healthcare, telecommunications and finance to IT and construction. This includes a complete simulation project from the beginning of the course until the end with case study and exam simulation. Over and above, we provide hands-on project management software such as MS project training. Having said that, Bbusinesss provides the best trainers in the region, with wealth of work experience and academic knowledge, all of them are certified Project Managers.

Key Module

  • Project Management Concepts
    -PM Definitions
    -Organizational Structure
    -Project Life Cycle and the Project Management Process Groups
    -Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • PM Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
    -PM Process Groups
    -PM Knowledge Areas
  • Project Integration Management
    -Overview of Project Integration Management
    -Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Management Plan
    -Direct and Manage Project Work
    -Monitor and Control Project Work
    -Perform Integrated Change Control
    -Close Project or Phase
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Scope Management
    -Overview of Project Scope Management
    -Plan Scope Management
    -Collect Requirements
    -Define Scope
    -Create WBS
    -Validate Scope
    -Control Scope
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Time Management
    -Overview of Project Time Management
    -Plan Schedule Management
    -Define Activities
    -Sequence Activities
    -Estimate Activity Resources
    -Estimate Activity Duration
    -Develop Schedule
    -Control Schedule
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Cost Management
    -Overview of Project Cost Management
    -Plan Cost Management
    -Estimate Costs
    -Determine Budget
    -Control Costs
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Quality Management
    -Overview of Project Quality Management
    -Plan Quality Management
    -Perform Quality Assurance
    -Control Quality
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Human Resource Management
    -Overview of Project Human Resource Management
    -Plan Human Resource Management
    -Acquire Project Team
    -Develop Project Team
    -Manage Project Team
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Communications Management
    -Overview of Project Communications Management
    -Plan Communications Management
    -Manage Communications
    -Control Communications
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Risk Management
    -Overview of Project Risk Management
    -Plan Risk Management
    -Identify Risks
    -Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    -Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    -Plan Risk Response
    -Control Risks
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Procurement Management
    -Overview of Project Procurement Management
    -Plan Procurement Management
    -Conduct Procurements
    -Control Procurements
    -Close Procurements
    -Practice Exercises
  • Project Stakeholder Management
    -Overview of Stakeholder Management
    -Identify Stakeholders
    -Plan Stakeholder Management
    -Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    -Control Stakeholder Engagement
  • Professional ethics and responsibilities of the PMP®
  • PMP® Exam Preparation:
    -PMP® and CAPM Exam Requirements
    -Exam Questions
    -Maintaining Certification
    -Exam-Taking Tips
    -Review of the knowledge areas and processes.
    -PM Process Groups and Knowledge Areas according to PMBOK® 5.
    -PM Process Groups
    -PM Knowledge Areas
    -Project Integration Management
    -Develop Project Management Plan
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Scope Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Time Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Cost Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Quality Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Human Resource Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Communications Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Risk Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Procurement Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
    -Project Stakeholder Management
    ∗Practice Test Questions
  • Simulated (mock) Practice Exam
    -Actual simulation of the exam and how to pass.
  • Tips and Hints to pass the exam
  • Action Plan:
    -Individual action plans of development
  • Forms and tools to use in the workplace

Learning Outcome

  • Developing project schedule
  • Create cost baseline costs
  • Create quality management plan
  • Create human resources management plan
  • Create communication management plan
  • Create risk management plan
  • Create procurement management plan
  • Initiate a project and define project scope
  • Execute, control and close the project perfectly
  • Apply best practices in Project Management
  • Get prepared to pass the exam set by PMI®
  • Use project management software tools efficiently


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