MyBA® – Entrepreneurship Diploma for Startups
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MyBA® - Entrepreneurship Diploma for Startups


My Business Acumen (MyBA) Diploma, could have a major impact on your career. It is designed as a road map to assist you plan a course for your own business ownership journey. We guide you through the best route to take, support you to avoid the potholes, road closures and navigate the curves and detours.   The program prepares you for every step of the way. You wouldn’t go for an adventure without the proper gear. MyBA is associated with a business book “Starting the Start-up”, combined is considered a major component of your gear kit. Refer to it at every milestone, starting with how to get a business idea to finally opening the doors to your new venture. The book journey is an amazing dramatical dialogue between an experienced entrepreneur and a junior one, where they move on hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder to the wide space of entrepreneurship.

Key Module


  • Current Economic Situation and the Need for Entrepreneurship
    • The current market dynamics and challenges
    • Business global transformation
  • Benefits of Entrepreneurship
    • Making a personal difference
    • Unleashing full potential
    • Profitability
    • Living the passion and Self-recognition
  • Fears Associated with Entrepreneurship
    • Fear of income uncertainty
    • Fear of capital deficiency to start
    • Fear of long working hours and failure
  • Psychology of Entrepreneurs
    • What makes an entrepreneur?
    • Typical entrepreneur’s personality
    • Entrepreneur self-assessment
  • Spotting Entrepreneurial Opportunities
    • The secret of creating a market value
    • The four approaches of spotting ideas
  • Legal Identity of a Startup Company
    • Main forms of ownership
  • Conducting a Feasibility Study and Crafting a Business Plan
    • Feasibility study framework
    • Business planning layout
  • Strategic Management
    • Developing the business core competency
    • Strategic management guidelines and essentials
    • Levels of strategic planning
  • Franchising and Entrepreneurship
    • Types of franchising
    • Contract of franchising
  • Marketing your Company
    • Market planning
    • Market segmentation
  • Financial Statements
    • Financial planning
    • Key financial statements
  • Financial Ratios Analysis
    • Liquidity, Operating and Profitability ratios
  • Supply Chain
    • Quality and Quantity
    • Pricing and vendor selection
  • Managing People
    • HRM roles and Talent management
    • Job analysis and job description
    • Recruitment, selection and training
  • Entrepreneurship Card Game
    • The 6-way points; Define, Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver and Drive
  • Entrepreneur’s Tools and Worksheets

Learning Outcome

  • Generate and assess scalable business ideas
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills required in entrepreneurial businesses
  • Create a business model canvas and business plan
  • Analyze market opportunities
  • Develop a business model and competitive strategy
  • Form and work successfully in a team
  • Raise money from venture investors
  • Make a professional investor presentation

20 to 24 Oct - 19  /  Riyadh registation
3 to 7 Nov - 19  /  Dubai registation
24 to 28 Nov - 19  /  Kuwait registation
8 to 12 Dec - 19  /  Abu Dhabi registation
15 to 19 Dec - 19  /  Jeddah registation

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