Leadership Inside Out + Zigzag Land – The Land of Creativity
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Leadership Inside Out + Zigzag Land - The Land of Creativity


Leadership Inside Out:

Leadership is a process, not a position. There was a time when people used the terms leadership and management interchangeably. We think most people now recognize that there is a significant difference between the two. Management is at its best when things stay the same. Leaders interact with people of all personalities, skill levels, and motivations. And since those interactions often take place in private one-on-one meetings and in conference rooms where managers work together, the work is invisible to the rest of the world and to people aspiring to management. Whether you’re new to management or a seasoned pro, you’ll find every topic you need to be an exceptional leader addressed here from motivating, coaching, and mentoring them; from setting goals to executing plans and holding employees accountable; from working with teams to disciplining employees. In short, this is one of the most comprehensive, yet up-to-date and clearly explained guides available today on the topic of management. Instead of preaching rules of leadership and inundating you with bullet points and checklists, we’re going to open those closed doors and show you firsthand how a great leader handles the normal, day-to-day challenges and crises that arise.

Zigzag Land - The Land of Creativity:

This program is designed based on the book (Zigzag land), at which we narrate the story of a customer service manager in a telecommunication company who took off to the land of creativity. Through this journey, he explored the essence of creativity and innovation; he discovered its shapes, competencies and complete process. This is clarified through the circumstances that he went through in this land; planted the essence of creativity and innovation in his spirit alongside with boosting his spirit, self believe and challenging spirit to always strive for uniqueness and distinctiveness.

Jassim’s motive was to make a difference and create the WOW factor that people are looking for. As he walked down the zigzag city, he had seen a lot of brilliant business ideas coming from brilliant extra ordinary minds which strive for innovation and hungry for distinctiveness; these people’s creativity and spirit inspired Jassim to live for being creative, innovative and making difference in today’s crazy competitive market.

Key Module

Leadership Inside Out:

  • Learning about the People and the Work
    -Managing One Person at a Time
    -Pulse Check
  • Building the Team
    -Creating Shared Goals
    -Provide Timely Feedback
  • Managing Day by Day
    -Create Individual Goals for Each Person
    -Coaching for Success
    -Learning to Influence
  • Discovering Lurking Problems
    -Recognize Messy Problems
    -Solving Problems as a Team
  • Building Capability
    -Learning to Delegate
    -Notice and Appreciate Changes and Contributions
    -Leading Yourself
  • Dealing with Corporate Realities
    -Manage Your Boss, Stand Up for Your Team
  • Leading Your Team through a Change in Priorities
  • Leadership Inside-out Comic Book

Zigzag Land – The Land of Creativity:

  • Creativity and innovation concept
    – Impact of breaking habitual patterns
    – Distinguish the difference and relation between a follower and a leader
  • Difference between creativity and innovation
    – Ability to Invent
    – Ability to develop
    – Innovation in processes
  • The impact of creativity on individuals and groups
    – The contagious factor
  • Creativity and innovation competencies Model (CREATE Model)
    – Commence
    – Relation
    – Expansion
    – Accompaniment
    – Trust
    – Evolution
  • Creativity and innovation process model (DEAL Model)
    – Determine
    ∗ Asses your bias towards creativity
    ∗ Acknowledge your base levels of curiosity
    ∗ Recognize the context of innovation
    ∗ Learn to think more laterally
    – Expand
    ∗ Build idea sharing networks
    ∗ Give the ideas the time to grow and flourish
    – Accompany
    ∗ Conduct idea ‘reality’ and ‘linking’ checks
    ∗ Design appropriate ‘prototyping’ channels
    – Look after
    ∗ Maintain courage under fire from others
    ∗ Adopt an advocacy and promotional plan
    ∗ Maintain momentum to tangible outcomes
  • Innovation Types (PIE Model)
    – Productive
    – Inventive
    – Expressive
  • Creativity and innovation assessment
    – Assessing factors
    ∗ Creative consciousness
    ∗ Levels of curiosity
    ∗ Pattern-breaking skills
    ∗ Idea-nurturing ability
    ∗ Willingness to experiment and take risks
    ∗ Courage and resilience levels
    ∗ Energetic persistence
  • Discussing book scenes
    – Scene 1 (The Zigzag Trip)
    – Scene 2 (Creative City)
    – Scene 3 (Power and resources saving campaign)
    – Scene 4 (Value In Whatever You Have)
    – Scene 5 (Customer Obsession)
    – Scene 6 (Your development is Our Investment)
    – Scene 7 (Zigzag Restaurant)
    – Scene 8 (Was It Really Me?)
  • Action Plan

Learning Outcome

Leadership Inside Out:

  • Increase in value of effective leadership
  • Plan and organize the resources efficiently and effectively
  • Perform with a fully motivated team
  • Lead and develop the potential leaders
  • Engage and influence team members and increase moral
  • Increase innovation within your team for maximized performance
  • Lead your Boss
  • Understand the importance of delegation

Zigzag Land – The Land of Creativity:

  • Identify different innovation styles and recognize the impact of each on the business
  • Understand the comprehensive competencies of creativity and innovation
  • Assess personal creativity and innovation skills
  • Identify the concise process of creativity and innovation to reach unique results
  • Brain storm different creative business ideas through the book scenes
  • Identify the role of individuals and organizations to implement the creativity culture
  • Motivate self and others to achieve distinctiveness in the business market


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