Change Management & Future Shaping
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Change Management & Future Shaping


There are few guarantees in the workplace today, but change is one of them. "Business just like it's always been" is quickly becoming a phrase of the past, often replaced by something such as, "we've streamlined the process." and so, kicking, screaming, and complaining, our workforce reluctantly adapts; only to find itself being faced with change once again. However, the first thing to do is trying to define the scope of change management and the areas to be tackled. The purpose of defining these change management areas is to ensure that there is a common understanding among managers. Given the dynamic environments within which we work today, it is no surprise that the pace of change is increasing to unprecedented levels. To be able to effectively manage change in organizations is a key skill that is required in many roles and this program aims to hone the skills of those already familiar with change programs and those who have not had formal training. With a range of facilitated, experiential and practical exercises, we are able to instill the key requirements for an effective change program, while looking at the key reasons many change management program fail to deliver and the personal, emotional and psychological effects of change.

Key Module

  • Change: Why Do We Have to Change?
  • Organizational Change
    -ADKAR® Model of change management
  • Business Process Change
    -Defining need for change
    -Recommending change
    -Scope for change
    -Implementing change
    -Documentation & tracking of change
    -Measuring effects of change (systems, equipment etc)
    -Define trial period(s)
    -Supplementary changes or benefit tracking
    -Approval of change
  • Evidence of Effect
    -Sign off on change
    -Documentation close out
    -Storage of change data
  • When Change Doesn’t Work- Is It the People or the System Side?
  • When Changing the Organization, System and/ or Process is Not Working
    -The change curve
    -Communicating the change
    -Negative messages
    -Why most people don’t like change
  • Positive messages: How to Make Change Works!
  • The Change House Theory and The 4 Rooms of Change:
    -Confusion/ chaos and
  • Perspectives: Changing the Way we Look at Things
    -Emotional intelligence and change: understanding ourselves and others
    -Transparency: trust, speed and change
    -Getting buy-in
  • Planning Change
    -Scoping and mapping change against business processes
    -Planning to document change
    -Structuring a change
    -Trial time horizons
  • Evaluating Change Initiatives
    -Reviewing change
    -Evidence – generating and storing data
    -Defining supplementary adjustments
    -Monitoring outcomes across the enterprise
  • The human Reaction to Change
    -Organizational culture
  • Managing Change and Leading Change
    -What can be managed?
    -What should be led?
  • Training for the Change
    -Preparing teams for change
    -Continuous improvement
  • Implementing the Change
    -Conflict and resistance
    -Managing those affected
    -Managing the transition
    -Communication and motivation
    -Maintaining control
  • Ways to Involve Stakeholders to Drive and Communicate Change
    -Strategies for dealing with change
  • What to Do Next?

Learning Outcome

  • Develop the organizational culture conducive to change
  • Understand the effects of changes to business processes
  • Map changes across business processes
  • Create and use an evidentiary basis for monitoring and evaluating planned and implemented changes
  • Acknowledge the people- side of change
  • Identify strategies for helping change be accepted and implemented in the workplace
  • Define the key steps to managing change and develop a plan to cope with change
  • Understand the differing effects on change on teams and individuals
  • Recognize the power of communication and motivation in the success of change initiatives
  • Develop skills to create change effectively into your team


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