L&D Solutions
L&D Solutions
Well-designed programs tailored to meet the requirements of your organization. Our Catalogue
Public scheduled programs

Get exposed

Get exposed to a variety of well selected categorized programs throughout the year.

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administration & secretarial
  • Communication & Writing skills
  • Customer Experience
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Interpersonal Skills & Self-development
  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Project Management
  • Quality & Productivity
  • Supply Chain & Logistics management

We measure what we do

As leaders in learning and development industry, Bbusinesss takes pride in the measuring and quantifying the impact of training and development. At Bbusinesss, we believe that training measurement is a vital part of the HR scope and it is imperative to produce solid business results, while examining how organizations are growing their business and their people. Our training measurement service aligns and supports our core belief in the transfer of learning and the achievement of the expected impact on your business through maximized revenue, minimized costs and/or increased productivity. In addition, our training measurement service has supported our clients by enforcing the direct managers’ involvement and accountability for the execution and application of the new knowledge, skills and processes.

Through the use of a modified Kirkpatrick – Phillip’s Learning Measurement Model, Bbusinesss works with clients to assess not only the reactionary level of satisfaction, but also takes organizations through the learning, transfer and results levels of evaluation for more meaningful, effective and financially viable ROI of the learning solutions.

Measurement - Copy

Our Measurement reports and recommendations assist organizations in improving efficiency and effectiveness in the following areas:

  • The training topics, content and delivery methods.
  • The voice of the customer by collecting suggestions for improvement from the participants.
  • The employees performance and the overall organizational productivity.
  • The use of organization’s financial, personnel, and other resources.
Prime Lines
The visual power of comics that forms a unique & practical learning experience.
Instructor Led Classroom Training

We tailor it for you

  • Classroom training has continued to dominate training delivery methods.
  • Instructor introducing basic understanding for new concepts.
  • Provides a high level of parallel feedback.
Internal Learning Marketing Tools
Always be reminded
  • Reference Cards
  • Rollups
  • Posters
  • Danglers
  • Variety of marketing tools
Teambuilding Events

Get Traction!

Get Traction by putting interaction into learning and learning into action

Documentary Videos

Document your success

Document your success through creative video content.

Branded Curriculums

Build your identity

Building your identity with a well-designed branded content.

Simulation & Board Games

Simulate business reality

  • Serious learning outcomes tightly anchored to real – world behaviors.
  • A powerful debriefing opportunity as a tool for Change and Improvement.
  • A path to implementing new behaviors for improved performance results.
  • A fun and engaging Team Building challenge.
  • A crucial understanding of how collaboration increases ROI.
Vertical Training

Developing technical competencies beyond soft skills

Bbusinesss vertical training programs go beyond soft skills training to develop specific competencies in various technical aspects of your business. Professional development workshops which are focused on a deeper, more vertical understanding of subject matter is the driving force of our vertical training programs. Bbusinesss‘ suite of vertical training includes, but is not limited to, programs such as:

with an increasing requirement to empower talent to possess varying business related skills, we aim at raising the competency level of your professionals to handle anything that comes their way. Vertical programs are developed as part of our existing portfolio or customize designed with your team to meet the requirements of your organization.
Internationally recognized programs
Such as but not limited to
Video Based Training

Visualized learning

  • Audiovisual communication is a great learning tool.
  • Attending such training sessions enable people to retain more of the content.
Keynote Speakers and Events

Inspire and educate

Connecting with a group to inspire, educate, or raise an issue is the essence of a successful keynote speech. Whether you have a multi – day program with thousands of attendees or less, more focused meeting, Bbusinesss can work with you to deliver a keynote that will engage participants and help you achieve the goals you have set or the event. While traditional training and workshops are essential to business success, Keynote events fulfill inspirational, motivational and leadership requirements in a format that promotes learning and networking opportunities for middle and senior management and leaders.

Learning Bites

Business insight

  • Well – chosen business books given in a bit – sized learning sessions.
  • New way of thinking, different business outcome.
Application Coaching

The power of learning reinforcement  

As the journey continues Bbusinesss provides learning reinforcement methods either by using one on one coaching or group coaching measuring the results & development of the human asset. This approach assures high level of learning application.

Leadership Retreats

Cultivating leaders

Cultivating leaders and bringing transformational improvement to organizational results.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum that works   

Bbusinesss recognized the talent within your HR and Learning & Development teams and understands that while organizations possess the manpower to conduct training events and workshops, they may not have time to develop curriculum to support necessary programs. Our curriculum development services can jump start any training initiative by freeing up time for trainers and facilitators to focus on delivery. Our interactive curriculum consists of presentations, participants materials, experiential learning activities, workbooks and multimedia suggestions for delivery. Our training library may possess curriculum that directly addresses your need. If not, simply express your needs and leave the curriculum development to our expert team of training professionals who can design and develop content just for you and deliver the program or train your people to roll it out.

Managers Led Training

Train your team 

  • An opportunity for managers to train their teams.
  • Manager shares experience and insights within the team.
Business Story Telling

Stories worth telling   

  • Stories can change the way we think, act, and feel.
  • Forming the foundations of an entire workplace culture.
  • Powerful business tools leaders can use to engage their teams.
Learning Shots
Minimum time maximum benefit
  • A half – day session to cover the essentials of a certain topic and emphasis on optimization of time.
  • Learners will learn practical information in a bit – size workshop.
Learning Café

Learning with flavor

  • Read and discuss the newest and most beneficial business related topics.
  • Learn new information and collaborate with colleagues about innovative ideas.

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