For a very long time I’ve heard these words: "leadership and management are always in the interpretation" This always causes a great misunderstanding around these two terms, and that misunderstanding obstruct all kinds of reasonable discussions. But why do we always face this dilemma? It is understood that there are several mistakes that led to such a dilemma: How can we build a company, position it for success and win in the twenty-first century? The mistakes people make on the issue are threefold:

  1. Individuals  use both terms  without understanding the  difference between the two or understanding their specific functions.
  2. Individuals usually use the term leadership referring to people in the top hierarchies.
  3. They call people in the layers below them: “management"
Management is concerned with processes, planning, budgeting, structuring jobs, staffing jobs, measuring performance and problem-solving, Management helps you to produce quality. This is a difficult task. Leadership is different. It is concerned with vision, future, finding faster ways to success, leadership is about people empowerment and, is the main reason of useful change. Leadership is about a behavior. Some people still argue the following issue: Are there very few organizations today that have sufficient leadership? I put forth the following question: Can they understand the difference between leadership and management?