“Different not Difficult”
“Different not Difficult”

We are different not difficult, we have to know ourselves first and to know how to regulate our emotions and responses before asking others to do so.

Each of us has a different culture, education, beliefs, traditions that regulate and drive his/her attitudes and behaviors

Businesses of all sizes are dealing with how to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges of cultural differences; diversity can be a powerful and differentiating competitive edge.

Culture reinforces all human activities and explains much of our behavior and has a deep impact of culture on human behavior and performance in a business context

Imagine the problems one can tackle when they assemble a team with a Western approach to problem solving , one that is time bound, linear, and focuses on the end result and join it with an Eastern approach to problem solving one that seeks synchronization, honors process, and values team relationships more than concrete solutions.

We have to understand and respect the others counterparts and develop the skills required to work effectively in today’s complex world.